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Defining and Enabling Change Management in Asia.

The ACMP Hong Kong Chapter aims to advance the profession and discipline of Change Management in Asia. Creating a community of people who are passionate advocates of Change Management. The ACMP will create a space for networking, knowledge sharing and professional development.

ACMP Global

ACMP is the world’s largest non-profit association, professionally engaged with change processes in companies and organizations, and a platform for targeted exchanges between members and professionals. Founded in North America in 2010, ACMP now has over 5,000 members and many Chapters are expanding rapidly internationally.

ACMP Chapter

ACMP Chapters exist to provide opportunities for members to engage with local change professionals to advance the profession and practice of change management at no additional cost.

We encourage you to join the Hong Kong ACMP Chapter.


The Role of Change Management Training In Organisational Workflows

28th June 2020
It has become a thing of the past when large companies had a simple goal – STABILITY.

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5 Compelling Reasons You Should Deploy Change Management in Your Organization


Change Management Process aims at ensuring the use of standard procedures and methods.

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How to Synchronize Change Management in an Era of Automation?


For any business to flourish successfully in today’s dynamic and fast paced world…

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